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It’s gonna rain, that’s what they say

Zajímavé i když už staré video 99 Matters alias co je pro Mando Diao to nejdůležitější. 
Jejich odpověď: NEZÁVISLOST ( Ještě pořád je to pravda...? )

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Get a glimpse of glory days

A Band Without Compromises 
(rozhovor nejen o Mtv Unplugged...ale i o botách...)

Quite a number of voices claim that they’re the ultimately biggest band of the present. Their performances speak of exaggerated self-confidence and a pinch of sexy arrogance; it’s unclear though whether there’s a bit of self-irony mixed with it. Mando Diao, a group coming from a Swedish town of Borlänge, is in a way an absolutely normal rock band, and still – it isn’t. Because they were granted the chance to play an MTV Unplugged. SneakU met Björn Dixgård and Carl-Johan Fogelklou in Berlin to have a talk about the acoustic treat, fashion and forgotten sneakers.

You have recorded your album “MTV Unplugged – Above and Beyond” in the studios of Berlin Union-Film. Why did your choice fall on the German capital?

Björn: Well, it wasn’t Universal Music’s last word as many would probably love to think. It was our own decision to record the album here.

CJ: I think that one of the main reasons was that it’s really easy and uncomplicated to set up everything here. MTV Unplugged is highly popular in Germany so this was another reason to make the whole thing here.

How did you like the location in the studio?

Björn: We just needed a good location where everything would function well. It was not about finding the best or the most stylish place. We needed a place where everything would work in the best way.

In the TV programme you can see small rooms in the background. What was the meaning of this?

CJ: These are rooms where things from the history of our band are collected. You can find our trousers there, as well as furniture, pictures and guitars.

Björn: It’s like a small museum of Mando Diao. One room is like a garage, the other is like a lounge, and the third one is really private.

How long did it take on the whole to record the entire album?

CJ: I have no idea. It was a long take. Planning for this album began already in spring but the intensive phase lasted only two weeks. MTV came to us and the fans have also put some pressure on them, to do an MTV Unplugged with us.

Björn: From the very beginning it was our clear aim to make everything in one recording session. It was not just about us but also about the entire team that the whole thing would go in one take if possible. It’s also more convenient for the guests of course to be able to enjoy the whole concert in one go.

You are now in the Art Hall of Fame together with Nirvana and Eric Clapton who all had the honour to record an MTV Unplugged. How proud are you?

Björn: Oh man, how cool is that! We’re really very proud. But we don’t think much about who has already recorded an album before us. On the contrary, we enjoy the result. Nirvana was of course superb but we don’t want to wriggle to that.

CJ: Yes, exactly. It’s always about what comes out at the end. Of course we know who has recorded an album before us but we have made something totally new. It’s like an acoustic rock album in a cool atmosphere and not with bar stools and candlelight. We wanted to invent something new.

Is the connection with the audience in the MTV Unplugged different from a normal concert?

Björn: Yes, it’s a very warm feeling. Such events are attended only by fans, and you have a special, deep connection with them.

Is it not more difficult to make fans feel relaxed in this in a way unusual situation?

CJ: I thought about that too but from the very beginning it was very easy…

Björn: The advantage of the immediate closeness to the audience hat a positive effect on the mood. You can just hold the mic to the crowd, so that they sing along, and the communication with people shapes considerably easier and in a more harmonic way.

The German rapper Sido also has his “MTV Unplugged” album. At his performance I had the impression that the fans weren’t allowed to stand up and dance.

Björn: Yes, we know Sido. At our performance it wasn’t like that. People could stand up, enjoy themselves and during the concert a part of them also stood on the stage. We didn’t give MTV any power to decide what we had to do or let happen. It is our show. Only in this way we could feel ourselves free and be as good as we are.

CJ: We had decided everything and if they didn’t like any suggestion, we had to make them change their minds. As simple as that. There were no compromises for us, we didn’t want to sell ourselves. As soon as we gave power to the record company or even MTV Unplugged, we’d lose the battle. Mando Diao fans would notice that and feel themselves cheated. Even the support artists such as Ray Davies or Juliette Lewis were selected by ourselves.

Were you more excited before the show than before a Rock am Ring performance?

Björn: Yes, absolutely. It’s actually not more complicated because it’s very natural for us to sing. The excitement goes down to the fact that there were simply so many things that could go wrong, not only on our behalf – the sound, the cameras, the tape.

Do you have a favourite track on the album?

Björn: Difficult question. I like the new songs a lot. I really like “Losing My Mind”.

Most of all I like your outfit in the show, it is similar to a toreador’s outfit.

CJ: Well, not completely. This is typical Swedish fashion, probably around 1890ies. We just wanted to introduce some culture and show the roots where we come from.

Whom would you like to see in MTV Unplugged?

Björn: I think Franz Ferdinand would fit well, and you, CJ?

CJ: Yeah that would be really cool.

Your shoes in the photo album “Dancing Shoes” by Gerrit Starczewski are also cool. What do shoes tell about you?

Björn: During our concerts we wear mainly black outfit to be as natural as possible. It’s the same with sneakers. For me, they must be very comfortable.

CJ: I like sneakers. During concerts I usually wear what… I like Adidas, but also Clarks. They’re really fantastic. And I have cool jogging footwear.

So which shoes do you wear during jogging?

Björn: Wait, CJ, you have jogging shoes?

CJ: Yes, of course. I really love running. Among jogging footwear I rely on my Asics with gel soles. I’ve seen recently black Asics that I want to have by all means. And now and then I also wear my Nike Air Pegasus.

How are the things in your case, Björn?

Björn: Do you know “Tiger of Sweden” here in Germany? It’s a Swedish brand, really stylish leather shoes, not really sneakers. They make cool shoes. But lately I have bought this remake of Brazilian Adidas of 1985 that look so football. Adidas is also really good.

CJ: You mean the Adidas Samba, right? I have Adidas Samba of 1980.

I know Tiger of Sweden but do you know Onitsuka Tiger?

Björn: Unfortunately no, what’s that?

CJ: We do know, Björn. At one of the concerts we have received a present. They’re the ones that Uma Turman wore in “Kill Bill”. They’re really very comfortable, I’d like to have a pair again.

Björn: It also came to my mind that I really like Converse. At home I have a red pair of chucks.

At least since The Ramones chucks are considered to be typical indie-rocker shoes.

Björn: Actually yes, but I don’t want to wear them onstage.

CJ: I like these shoes of Fila that were so in about 15 years ago. They’re really cool, with this enormous fucking “F” on its side.

Fila brand still exists, it’s located in South Korea.

CJ: Really? Cool. I really miss them. I didn’t manage to buy myself a pair back then.

I don’t waste the things I say

Oh:-)) I´m soooooooo happy....:-) Tohle je můj největší dosavadní úspěch...

Take my hand and close your pretty eyes

Mando Diao se nám zaprodali a učinkují v reklamě na síť prodejen Saturn v Německu. (kde jinde, že?) Video, kde se pokouší mluvit německy můžete vidět na Facebooku... zde po kliknutí...

Další novinka ze světa Mando Diao je ocenění, které dostali za Nejlepší živé vystoupení v Číně v roce 2008. Slovy vyslance z Číny: ´Mando Diao is the best performance we have ever had´. Ocenění přebral Björn a CJ až po třech letech proto, že cenu bylo potřeba předat osobně. (zní to trochu směšně, ale co..)

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Now it seems so clear

And now you found him or was it him that found you? It feels like you already knew... life is sweet when he is back... so I just say...

And I like the fact that I’m getting old

Švédská hitparáda Tracks vyhlásila výsledky 40 nejpopulárnějších písní posledních deseti let. Mando Diao a jejich Dance with Somebody se umístili na 4. místě
A mezi nejúspěšnějšími umělci za celou dobu existence Tracks hitparády, tedy od roku 1985 je i Mando Diao a to na 6. místě!;-)

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Dont let them closer to this secret... that I may love you

Na novém Street Team blogu se začínají objevovat první zprávy;-)

Two words baby, two words! God Knows...

Salazar Brothers a Mando Diao - Gustaf a Björn...v Dalarně. Co z toho bude?

But you love your brother, no matter what they say

Několik novinek ze severských končin. V lednovém čísle švédského vydání časopisu ELLE se zjevila tato informace: 
´The Borlänge brothers Gustaf, Carl and Victor Norén are music-Sweden's answer of the Skarsgård family and right now all three of them are present - with more than their looks! The Big brother Gustaf's band Mando Diao have released an unplugged record, Carl's solo record is about to be released and little brother Victor, AKA Viktorious, is also about to release a record. Which one of them who will win the title 'longest forelock' is yet to be decided.´

Takže náš Gustaf Norén a jeho rodina už je přirovnáván k rodince Stellana Skarsgårda.;-) Pro koho je to vlastně větší čest? (já i přes všechnu svou lásku k rodině Stellana, hlasuju pro Jana Noréna)

 A chvilku ještě u rodiny Norén zůstaneme. Co si vlastně myslí o svém starším bratrovi Carl Norén?

What do your brothers mean to you?
They mean a lot.
Since we are so close in age we always played together, we did not need so many friends. And if we had an opinion or an idea we could support one another.
And that made us strong. Our family also let us discuss a lot and let us have strong opinions about things and we backed up each other in that. And we always developed our ideas, we thought Oh - he does it that way, then I will do it this way, it helped us to develope and grow, we inspired each other. My younger brother and I always hanged around in the same gang, but Gustaf had more friends in Falun. But I and Victor have always supported each others in the things we have done.
I was a big Mando fan already when they started their triphop thing. They were a triphop band from the beginning, with electronic music and very odd music. Like the Massive Attack of Borlänge. I really liked that music and was a great fan, I like them now as well. It has always been a misunderstanding that we imitated their music style, when in reality they were triphopers until about 2000. So we did really different music from the beginning. We listening to different music as well, Gustaf is born 81, we are another generation, we listened to Brainpool and Oasis, he listened to Silverchair and Nirvana.
I went to see Mando at Gröna Lund in June, I enjoyed the concert very much. I danced through the whole show. I love their music. They are getting older but they really still look cool at stage. They said at the age of 19 that they would not rock at the age of 30. Now they are 30 soon and they still rock and look great at stage. I like it that there still is a Swedish band like that who rocks, they really are a rock band and they really make people happy with their music. I like it a lot.

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One blood, One heart, One soul...One Mando Diao

The wild heads have grown up  

Rozhovor z, který sice nepřináší nic nového, ale stojí za zmínku...

A night in Berlin, beginning of September. The mood in the lobby of the Berlin Union-Filmstudio is relaxed. Mando Diao have just marvelously passed another trial by fire. The former garage rock´n´roll band has not only flawlessly and without any mistake played its MTV Unplugged show which they rehearsed for months. They celebrated it as an inspired, even magic performance. 

It was a show where Mando Diao performed both their greatest hits and b-sides known only to the fans. It was a show full of unexpected guests, from Ray Davies to Julliete Lewis to the Beatles-artist Klaus Voormann who made drawings live right on the stage. 

It was a treat for the eyes: fine outfits (Swedish national costumes!), lavish stage decorations, to say nothing about the five favourites of the girls. It was a career summary of the Swedes up till now and a look into what can come still. It was an event. 
Those who caught this show on MTV these days, know what we are talking about. Resolved, relieved and  euphoric, drummer Samuel Giers, bass player CJ Fogelklou, keyboarder Mats Björke and the two frontmen Gustaf Norén and Björn Dixgård mix with the guests who stayed, friends and partners from the industry who are dancing to the DJ programme of their producers, the Salazar brothers.

People pat each other on the shoulder, hug each other, go through the show one more time. People do small talk-and big talk. Then Björn lets something out which makes us prick up our ears: ´I tell you something man! Today is the first time for one year that I´m really so proud of Mando Diao. You know in the last months it was sometimes like... I asked myself: must it go further? But now Iím full of confidence for the future.´

A couple of weeks later, in an official interview, we had of course to pick it up. Björn answered: ´This was naturally said in euphoria. Of course there´s always pride for Mando Diao- otherwise I would have left the band! But hey, I still don´t know how we managed this so precisely with the unplugged show! I was so high after it, I didn´t care about anything what we had achieved so far. I was absolutely high on music.´  

An offer to do an unplugged show for a band is like being dubbed knight - and a logical step in the career for the obsessed Beatles fans. A short view in the past? In 2002 the five who were then in their early twenties stormed with their debut ´Bring ´Em In´ from the garage of a small Swedish town of Borlänge.
Impetuous guys in leather jacket, they didn´t simply establish themselves in the run of the next four albums. In ´Hurricane Bar´(2004) and ´Ode To Ochrasy´(2006) the heroes of girls´ dreams perfected their fresh Beatles-meet-Strokes sound and became frequent guests of the main stages at indie festivals.
´Never Seen The Light Of Day´ (2007) was a sort of deviation which experimented with melodic folk influences. Finally there was ´Give Me Fire´ (2009) which rushed them to the top of German charts, not in the last place due to the hit single ´Dance With Somebody´ which even secured them an appearance in the show ´Wetten, dass.´
Naturally, such uplift can not go  forward  without  mistakes.  The  oldest  fans  less and less recognized in the established professionals who completed their latest tour with a background choir and brass band, the band in which they had once fallen in love with.

Were these still those young heads whose singer Gustaf Norén would start a dispute with everyone and in the interviews claimed that only the youth can make relevant music? ´It won´t be the same anymore when we´re in our late twenties or thirty´, he argued in those times. 

But today Mando Diao are exactly in this position. Björn, the all-time royal sphinx, grins about Gustaf´s earlier drive. ´I think he was a bit obsessed with the idea of being young. But that´s only because so much was written about how young we were. But I think what he meant was that at some point we wouldn´t be able to deliver this naive punk/garage rock so convincingly.´

But: ´When it comes to music, we both are obsessed. That´s why we write songs together, that´s why we are such good friends. Today the chemistry between us is even better. For Gustaf it´s all about the music too, not our external image. We became more balanced and have exactly the same aim.´
Thus the simplified back-to-basics approach which  brings along such an unplugged gig is exemplary for the further development of the old values of Mando Diao. Björn: ´So of course we´re happy about the success of Give Me Fire and Dance With Somebody. How could such success be anything but fantastic?
But success brings along extremely many appointments and touring. At that time we had two back-vocal singers and the wind instruments - and okay, it was an interesting experiment for us and we had lots of cool moments. But this summer we had only seven or eight festival shows and said from the very beginning: we play these shows without the choir and the wind instruments. We wanted to get back to the five of us as one unity.´

Then: ´We are at our best when it´s only us. The recordings in our careers of which I´m most proud are all live recordings when it was only the five of us playing together.´ The acoustic unplugged arrangements belong to the ipenî of the five musicians and were done without any help from outside.
´This acoustic thing was always in our blood. This is how Gustaf and I write our songs, this comes natural to us. We had no producers, just the recording equipment. Because we knew: we give our best when we have played together and the song goes well from the first take.
If you ask me, it shouldn´t be further mixed. If somebody hits the microphone or gives a feedback - so what? This belongs to the entire recording! I see it as dogmatic.´

But this dream wouldn´t come true. In Stockholm´s studios at least the roughest moments would get corrected in the final mix. For the record companies release is the most important thing. But how important the show itself was for Mando Diao, you can get from the guest who would be the least expected: Daniel Haglund, German teacher.
Or: ex-keyboarder Daniel Haglund who was thrown out of the band after the first album and about whom Gustaf Norén said the ´Piranha´ cover story to ´Hurricane Bar´: ´He has lost the Mando Diao game!´

Björn clarifies: ´It was important for us to have Daniel there. He has done so much for the band n he has founded it! Everywhere it says that I was the founder but itís not right. When we threw him out of the band at that time, there was simply clash between our personalities. He didn´t want to tour so much, he didn´t care about our style.
He said: ´Hey I play music with you but I´m not doing the rest.´ It was difficult, we were all friends, even Mats who replaced him. There were four years of complete silence. But at a certain point Samuel called him, to clear it up, and after that we had good relations again. When we record the next album weíll definitely take him again, even if he doesn´t go on tour.´

Can there be a better way to show that Mando Diao are about to find their inner peace? And when they are wild on stage, itís a positive development n because it keeps the band. Look, Mando Diao grew up, and it´s good that way. 

´There´s no reason to play only sitting gigs from now on n but combining the acoustic style with our other style, this would be classy´, thinks Björn and looks optimistically forward to the next album.

´Gustaf also has now a summer house there in Dalarna, like me. We meet there and concentrate on writing songs as we haven´t done for five years. As long as we develop further and further, we can make music forever.´

You're too near me nasty boy-girl´s pretty bad that you´re still around... 

If you don't hear my call for help, You're in another world

Nový Blog oficiálního Street Teamu Mando Diao je na světě. Go here to know more....:))

Som team är de helt beroende av varandra

Čas na další starý rozhovor vytažený ze šuplíku a přeložený ze švédštiny...tentokrát jeden z těch absolutně nejlepších... 

Björn o Gustavovi: 

Co je na Gustavovi nejlepší? 

Gustaf je velmi uzavřený a trvá dlouhou dobu ho poznat. Ale když to člověk dokáže, najde v něm fantastického přítele. Vždycky mi dochází jak neuvěřitelný je to pocit, když spolu píšeme písně. Máme ten stejný cíl.

Co je na Gustavovi nejhorší?

Umí být bezcitný, aniž by si to uvědomoval. Někdy ho musíme při interních diskuzích stáhnout zpátky na zem, to tehdy, kdy vyžaduje právo veta a jde proti zbytku skupiny v různých rozhodnutích.

Kdy je Gustaf nejkrásnější?

Na scéně. Tam z něj vyzařuje přirozená smyslnost.

Gustaf o Björnovi:

Co je na Björnovi nejlepší?

On si absolutně neuvědomuje svůj talent. To ho dělá velmi nestrategickým, což je ovšem dobrá vlastnost pro skladatele. Je tak daleko od nahrávací společnosti jak jen může člověk být. Někdy on udělá užasný věci a já neudělám nic.

Co je na Björnovi nejhorší?

Občas je příliš citlivý. Björn je hrozně horkokrevný a to zvláště v kombinaci s alkoholem. Někteří to jistě vidí jako dobrou vlastnost, ale tohle je tvrdá branže. Člověk by v ní neměl být křehký.

Kdy je Björn nejkrásnější?

Když mluví s lidmi, to je to, co má rád. V tu chvíli se mu objevuje ve tváři ten zcela nevědomý pohled Jamese Deana, který křičí: ´Teď půjdeme k tobě domů´. On dokáže flirtovat s jakkoukoliv holkou, od letušky po holku z branže. Opravdu bych si přál mít takovou schopnost. Ale já prostě vypadám jako vrah.

Tři názory na Gustava a Björna:

Björn Olsson, producent:

Gustaf je jediný kytarista se kterým jsem kdy pracoval, který nedokázal naladit svojí vlastní kytaru. On mi jen dal svůj kabel a očekával, že se o to postarám. Jinak co je pro Gustava nejtypičtějsí, to je jeho neustálá ukecanost a potřeba organizovat. Domnívám se, že to má co dělat s tím, že je nejstarší ze všech sourozenců, proto je to pro něj něco jako reflex. Jít proti němu znamená, že on zuří dokud není přesvědčen, že vyhrál. Nebo dokud neuvěří, že vyhrál.
Björn je naproti tomu mnohem víc vyzrálý. Je stejně velký vůdce jako Gustaf, ale rozvážnějším způsobem. Když Björn zuří, já vím že Gustaf navzdory všemu sedí a chvěje se, protože se ho bojí.

Malin Holmlin, Björnova máma:

Björn a Gustaf jsou dva velmi jemní a hlubocí kluci. Vedla jsem s nimi hodně závažných rozhovorů o životě, hudbě a 60 letech. První chvíle s Mando Diao byla skutečně nádherná. Pamatuju si všechny ty boty v hale a kluky, kteří seděli a pili čaj.
Jediná těžkost byla, že nepřišli večer včas domů a že všechno jejich oblečení v Borlänge bilo do očí. Všechno kupovali v ´Emmaus´ Second Handu. Björn chodíval okolo v kostkované košili, semišovém kabátě a s vousy. Vypadal jako bezdomovec.
(Pozn. Emmaus - ...například tento ve Stockholmu...obyčejný ´sekáč´.. )

Victor Norén, Gustavův mladší bratr:

Většina ani neví, že Mando Diao začínalo jen ve třech. Neměli ani bubeníka! To vypovídá hodně o Gustavovi a Björnovi. V čemkoliv, co dělají, musí vždycky být tak extrémní a odlišovat se, jak jen to je možné. Když jsem poslouchal ´Small Faces´ oni byli nuceni poslouchat ještě nesrozumitelnější hudbu. A teď se zabývají těmi svými Ochrasy-sny a dělají populární hudbu. Jako tým jsou na sobě absolutně závislý. Gustaf by se neobešel bez Björnova hlasu a Björn by stále ještě seděl doma v dětském pokoji a brnkal si na kytaru, kdyby nebylo Gustavovy ctižádosti.

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We have no other choice but to caving for our love

Oh you must do what they say. Now you´re thinking of happy thoughts, like no one did you harm...and it was all 1234 life is brilliant...but why I´m not so sure?

En bitterljuv känsla av lycka

Interview pro švédský Aftonbladet, přeloženo ze švédštiny v pozdních nočních hodinách...

Televizní vystoupení bylo pro Mando Diao příliš: ´Byli jsme na velmi tenkém ledě´ 

Měli tu čest udělat to, co už spousta světových hnězd udělala před nimi. Ale Mtv Unplugged Mando Diao málem rozdrtilo. 

- Všechno šlo špatně, říká Gustaf Norén 

Koncert měl za následek jak živé CD tak DVD. Ale do poslední chvíle bylo všechno nanejvýš nejasné. Když byli dotázáni zda-li by neudělali akustické televizní vystoupení ve stejném duchu jako Eric Clapton, Nirvana nebo Oasis dělali v 90 letech, měli vlastně Mando Diao už plné ruce práce s něčím jiným. 

Zkoušení 12 hodin denně

To, co je čekalo, bylo 12 měsíců práce. Bylo třeba posbírat hudebníky, napsat aranžmá pro smyčce, předělat vlastní hity a naučit se nové písně. 

- Čtyři, pět týdnů jsme zkoušeli dvanáct hodin denně, říká Gustaf Norén během krátké pauzy od každodenního života otce dvou dětí.

Popisuje, jak probíhaly přípravy na celou show. Kromě všech hudebních kolegů potřebovali i režiséra, scénografa a kameramany. 

Nervózita a úzkost

Den před natáčením v Německu propadla celá skupina panice. 

- Byli jsme na tenkém ledě, bylo to o vlásek. Nemohli jsme se dát dohromady.
- V den vystoupení jsme byli tak nervózní a ve stresu, že jsme ani neuměli zahrát naše vlastní písně. Nevědeli jsme ani kolik refrénů má ´Gloria´.

Ale jakmile se jednou dostali na pódium, šlo všechno jako po másle a všichni se rázem ocitli v transu. 

- Když jsem se kouknul nahoru, viděl jsem, že i publikum je v tom s námi, říká Mats Björke.


Repertoár spočíval ve výběru písní z téměř desetileté hudební kariéry Mando Diao. Sama skupina vidí Mtv Unplugged jako uzávěrku. 

- Bylo to trochu jako udělat maturitu. Hořkosladký pocit štěstí, říká Gustaf Norén

´Musíme se pustit do něčeho nového´

Uzávěrka - ale dlouho před koncem. Mando Diao vždy mělo plno nápadů na hromadě. 

- Musíme se pustit do něčeho nového, abychom nezemřeli. Jestliže se posadíme a budeme jen odpočívat, nikdy se už nevrátíme, pokračuje Gustaf.

Ale popírají, že by to, co je žene kupředu byly peníze. 

- Kdybychom neměli peníze, najdeme si dobře placenou práci. To zvládne každý člověk.  

Mando Diao o...

 ...o tom, že na konci minulého roku pozastavili turné po Evropě:
 Turné mě začalo štvát, tak jsem šel domů. Když nechci něco dělat, tak to nedělám. (Gustaf)

...o jejich nejoblíbenějším Mtv Unplugged:
I když je to klišé, nejlepší je Nirvana.  (Mats)

..o tom, že Ray Davies z The Kinks hostoval v Berlíně:
Pro nás je skutečný idol. I když možná ho naši fanoušci neznají, protože jsou mnohem mladší než my. (Mats)
..o budoucích plánech:
Pracujeme neustále. Pořád pracujeme na něčem novém. Ale bude trvat ještě mnoho měsíců než to všechno uvidíte. (Gustaf)

sobota 15. ledna 2011

There´s no purpose...It´s just happened...

And  now (something completely different..)  I´m going to present my Absolute favourite Mando Diao´s videos. Actually first four of them. Mostly (or only) from YouTube...

A pokud si tento blog čte i nějaký česky mluvící občan :-) ... následuje moje Top 13 videií Mando Diao...
I. část:

Number ONE:

Number TWO:

Number THREE:

Number FOUR:

To be continued.... (Only God knows)

But It's you.. I see my love come shining through

Pod následujícím odkazem najdete staré interview s Björnem a Samuelem, kteří hovoří o každé písni z alba ´Give me fire´. Video je rozděleno na tři části a moje nejoblíbenějsí je rozhodně ta třetí... 

čtvrtek 13. ledna 2011

Its all there in my fantasy and I believe it

Dnes, dne 13. ledna proběhla ve Stockholmu schůzka mezi členy Mando Diao a jejich Tour manažerem Carlosem. Jaký bude/je výsledek jejich schůzky je zatím ve hvězdách, ale doufejme, že naše sny se stanou skutečností a Mando Diao se letos objeví na nějakém dostupném koncertě... Možná existuje i nějaká naděje. Mando Diao si totiž 13 den v měsíci nevybralo náhodou...

Ačkoliv toto rozhodně není důvod členů Mando Diao ( i když u nich jeden nikdy neví ) podle jedné Baskické legendy se sny z 13. noci v měsíci promění ve skutečnost. Kromě toho má číslo 13 magickou moc a symbolizuje něco, co by se mohlo stát, něco neuskutečnitelného, co by mohlo být... je tedy symbolem naděje.  

Tak co Mando Diao? Co se vám bude dnes v noci zdát?

úterý 11. ledna 2011

Now I´m going to be quiet

Gustaf pro švédský časopis Chic... 
o... Using the ego as a tool:

This business feeds on elitist thinking. We´re dependant on radio stations and people seeing us live, so the oxygen in popular music is that peole like what you´re doing. And because of that, there´s a lot of pressure on the front men and the hit songs. My job is to find the ego and put it as far ahead as possible.

Loving the job:

My passion for Mando Diao might not be as big today as it was when we started, but I´m still passionate about what I do. If I don´t want to be on stage, I get off it. If I don´t want to be on tour, I go home. I´m more selective nowadays, but when I´m on stage I have to be passionate about it to cope. The process of creating music has grown over the years, but the rest I don´t know... Being a rock star has lost its charm.

Working with Björn Dixgård:

Me and Björn have always worked well together and we´re very close. That feels incredibly good. Some people are always on their way to cross the line, one more mistake and I´ll never talk to them again, but Björn is nowhere near the line. We fight, scream, argue and cry, but it never makes me want to end our friendship.

Why he likes listening to Hip-Hop:

Hip-hop speaks to the dirtiest feelings we as human beings have and that´s exactly what I want to satisfy. I want to listen to music with the same part of my brain that does things stealthily, the part of my brain that I don´t want to show to other people. Swedish indie music is too correct. It´s like when mum is in the couch with her little dog watching ´Fråna Doktorn´

The backside of fame:

In my position it´s easy to act like a diva unintentionally and sometimes I´m mean to people who like me, to fans. It´s often about doing something at the wrong place and wrong time. I feel like a cold manager for a big company sometimes when I have to say no. If I know I could have acted differently, I feel like an idiot, kind of like a king´s buddies. It´s about misusing your position.

His most annoying characteristic:

I take so much space. Sometimes when we´re doing interviews and Björn is about to say something. I take the words right out of his mouth and cut him off, just like that. I sometimes decide that ´Now I´m going to be quiet´ but ten seconds later I´m thinking ´What the hell is he saying?´ and I have to interrupt him anyway.


I don´t like the intoxicant alcohol. I like having some wine or beer because it tastes good, but I don´t like to get drunk and I´m not drunk very often because I hate the way I act when I´m. I hardly ever reach that state now though, I go to bed instead.  

The reputation about his arrogance:

Many people think that I´m arrogant and people who meet me often say that I´m not. ´Oh, you´re so nice and kind,´ they say, in a tone of surprise. But I don´t think that means I´m nice, because I´m not that nice. I just think it means I´m nicer that they thought I would be.

The love for his kids:

I can wake up in the middle of the night and have my little daughter lying next to me looking so beautiful that I just have to wake her up, even though I know that means several hours of chaos. I just can´t help it.