středa 30. listopadu 2011

I was made for loving you

Ok, the first calendar window totally go me..... no words for that. Just listen. Yes, that´s the Band I love.
If you´re registered citizen you can find it under this link, but the calendar actually doesn´t work for some citizens, so maybe you´d better try this one.

Where do we go now

Wanna live with the stars

Mando CONCERT dates:

Stockholm  - 3.12. 2011,  22:00
Istanbul - 18.2. 2012, more info here...

You know that’s cause I want my way

I completely forgot about my promise to publish every month post about interesting Mando Diao page. Well, never mind. Let´s dedicate this post to this broken promise. This page is mostly interesting because of the photos, it´s all about design of MD stage, or better the whole design of MD concert in different years. Worth the visit!

Link here...

úterý 29. listopadu 2011

Throw up all the things that I want to hide

The Band I love.

Then for 14000 seconds

Love these photos... Mando Diao - Rockbjörnen live 2011...

You´re feeling down

Just so you know...

Mando Diao will release a Christmas song called Christmas Could Have Been Good on 5. December 2011. You can have a look to these lyrics meanwhile.

You´re feeling down
And there´s no one around who can see
Why you keep your head up high
Little sister´s running around with candy

And you don´t
Wanna suffer your pride so you shut up
While your mommy's crying loud
Daddy´s decorating the wall
And the christmas trees

it's the worst of days
so you lay down in your bed

And oh, Christmas could have been good
Oh, Christmas could have been good
It´s a shame what you have with your family affair but still
Christmas could have been good
Oh, Christmas could have been good
Was a dream that you had but a dream that has passed away

Your house was made
Of blood and tears you wanna pray
From the opera
But you got no money to escape
from tragedy

Bad luck girl
Your daddy´s here again he´s got his anger
and way too drunk to speak
So he can't understand your misery at all

It's the worst of days
And we hope that he fades away

But oh, Christmas could have been good
Oh, Christmas could have been good
It´s a shame that we have with a family affairs but still

Christmas could have been good
Oh, Christmas could have been good
And the dream that we had was a dream but the worst of days

Also the new Best of Album is coming together with interesting DVD on 11. January 2012. And don´t forget about the Calendar, the most exciting project that will open the first door on 1. December 2011! Check this Facebook page and see more.

C.J. - Do I need to say more?


pondělí 28. listopadu 2011

But you got no money to escape from tragedy

Mando Diao will play a show this Saturday in Stockholm. If you are a citizen you can get free entrance. 
What to say about it? Well, Dear Mando Diao and the other who decides these things, in what kind of world are you living? I´d love to join you in this dreamy landscape where you can easily make decisions one week before the show and just flyyyy like that to Stockholm. If I knew that earlier I would go, that´s for sure, but unfortunately I live in a pretty boring world where there´s certain number of rules that must be obeyed. I wouldn´t be so angry if this was the first case but it´s almost ALWAYS like this. That´s what MD do to you. Odi et Amo.

But at least finally something in Sweden!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Enjoy Swedish citizens, I´m really happy for you and I mean it.:)
More info here. 

Björn - ... The Björn


středa 23. listopadu 2011

úterý 22. listopadu 2011

I wonder what´s happy about it

News about upcoming Best of album. You can buy regular album with tracklist that follows:

"Greatest Hits Volume 1"

1 Dance With Somebody
2 Long Before Rock'n'Roll
3 Down In The Past
4 Sheepdog
5 God Knows
6 Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille
7 Gloria
8 If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be ...
9 Mean Street
10 The Band
11 Never Seen The Light Of Day
12 TV & Me
13 You Can't Steal My Love
14 Mr Moon
15 All My Senses
16 Paralyzed
17 Christmas Could Have Been Good
18 Ochrasy
19 Clean Town
20 Good Morning, Herr Horst
21 Motown Blood
22 Dalarna

...or buy Deluxe edition together with DVD that contains all 18 videos from Mando Diao and also recording of the concert from Munich - Zenith 2006, Ode To Ochrasy tour. Sounds pretty good!

Live: Ode to Ochrasy Tour 2006, Zenith, München

1 Welcome Home, LucRobitaille                    
2 Motown Blood
3 Paralyzed
4 TV and Me
5 Ochrasy                                                        
6 The New Boy
7 Chi Ga                                                         
8 Clean town                                                      
9 Long Before Rock'n' Roll
10 Amsterdam
11 Tony Zoulias (Lustful life)


1 Mr Moon
2 The Band
3 Sheepdog
4 Paralyzed
5 Clean Town
6 God Knows
7 Down In The Past
8 You Can´t Steal My Love
9 Long Before Rock n´Roll
10 TV & Me
11 Good Morning, Herr Horst
12 Wildfire
13 Ochrasy
14 If I Don´t Live Today, Then I Might Be Here...
15 Never Seen The Light of Day
16 Train On Fire
17 Dance With Somebody
18 Paralyzed

The whole Best of album is going to be released exactly 10 years after the release of the first MD album called Bring´em In.

Tell my love we're gonna have a lot of fun

Mando Diao has now their own train. One of the trains of Swedish Tågkompaniet is now named after MD. 

The rock band Mando Diao is Borlänge's pride and one of the biggest names in Swedish music exports. The group returns to Bergslagen now and then. We like that. We also like that Train 9068, which now goes by the name Mando Diao, leave and arrive in Borlänge in time. And to Gävle. And to Ludvika. And to Motala. Among others.

We're the springtime's first carnation

Ghost & Phantoms Christmas Calendar

We proudly present Ghost & Phantoms Christmas Calendar.

This Calendar will be available on 1st December and up until Christmas and you need to be a Citizen in order to get access to it. We suggest you go somewhere else if chocolate or funny little reindeers is what you expect, cause Mando Diao's Christmas Calendar is not about that. It's much better.

We will provide you with never ever seen or heard material, both audio and video. Unique little tidbits from the past that Gustaf found when he cleaned up his computer earlier this year and the time has now come to share this collection of goodies with you.

We won't bug you anymore at the moment, just make sure to get back here when we open the first hidden treasure in Mando Diao's Christmas Calendar. You don't want to miss it.  
What a nice and exciting idea;-)

pondělí 21. listopadu 2011

In this world of perfection

From no apparent reason has appeared this video of Sweet Jackie and Mr.Moon from Peace&Love... Would be absolutely cool to see the whole concert in that amazing quality... let´s dream about it at the meantime and enjoy this moment of perfection from Borlänge...

Christmas Could Have Been Good...

What happened lately in Mando Diao world.

- Björn and Mats were in Madrid, doing a DJ set. You can see some pictures from that event here.

- The new song Christmas Could Have Been Good has been released and from now on you can listen to it here. The lyrics are really great...big like.
- You can pre-order the Best of CD here together with DVD (?)...What´s there... noone seems to know.

pátek 18. listopadu 2011

You don’t understand what I’ve been through

Still nothing can make me feel the way how this song (and other songs from Ode To Ochrasy) does. No other band, no other Mando Diao new song... nothing can create that feeling in my stomach, nothing can take me far far away... It always will be THIS Mando Diao, it always was. 
It’s just the wildfire burning there’s no way to put it out just... a wildfire spreading through my days and through my nights...
That´s why I´m sharing this link today, even if it´s nothing new or exciting. I just heard this song today and I realized how much I miss this.

čtvrtek 17. listopadu 2011

Stealing your force taking everything you've got

Back to Caligola thing. Here you can watch trailer to the Initiation video to Caligola. After you receive your special code via email you can watch the whole video on .
And some photos from the latest Musikexpress. Caligola style.

Now I don't want you to walk away

Well I wanted something new about Mando Diao, here it goes. It seems like Mando are going to release The Best Of Album Vol 1.... is it only me who thinks this is weird? I mean, why? Unplugged is kind of "Best of"... not talking about the fact that Best of sounds to me like end of something. But well, it´s Mando Diao. There´s no point of being logic here.
Oh and there´s a new single called Christmas Could Have Been´s going to be release too... very soon. I guess.

Read more here and here in German. 

úterý 15. listopadu 2011

Give me something to hold onto

Just some memories from Peace&Love. I guess I need some Mando Diao feelings in all this Caligola stormy weather.

čtvrtek 10. listopadu 2011

To come back once again

Some Down in the past moments, summer 2009...

No matter what you'll do

Další (moc pěkné) fotky z předávání cen Musikexpress v Berlíně. Gustaf a Björn a taky Paul Van Dyk! Pokud vás zajímají i další fotky, nejen Mando Diao, stačí kliknout zde.


středa 9. listopadu 2011

And my blood-count is running low

Some hot news from G&B world. Well, Mando Diao got an award from Musikexpress for the Best International Performer. Gustaf and Björn took part on the ceremony in Berlin (whaaaat in Berlin??) and performed as a Caligola... Why they performed as a Caligola when it was Mando Diao who got the price? :) Anyway let´s see some photos and the video. In the end there is a tiny little moment where you can see Caligola on stage!!!
So congratulations!!! (I wonder... should I also add another tittle Ode to Caligola to this blog?) 

And the video...

úterý 8. listopadu 2011

Just like you and me my friend

Mnichov, 4. 10. 2011

On trains and planes

I was very sad that this video doesn´t work anymore, but then I found this link, so you can watch it without any troubles. Interview with Mats and Björn from Coke Sound Up, unfortunatelly with questions in German...