čtvrtek 14. června 2012

Why so sad? Don´t you like my way of life?

I have to admit I had a little crisis concerning Mando Diao, like in every relationship sometimes happens... so today I accidentally take Mtv Unplugged CD and put it into my CD player. The magic still works. It´s hidden inside, every time you start playing that CD, the magic is liberated. Free to enchant you over and over again. And then I watched this video of God Knows and I couldn´t resist to smile and maybe even cry a little bit when I saw us, dancing, being that fucking happy like seldom before.
So here it goes. Two words baby, two words. Mando Diao.

čtvrtek 7. června 2012


...and then something in you turns into stone. Only that what is real will stand.


úterý 5. června 2012

neděle 3. června 2012

All my senses seem to be in this song

This video is pretty cool. All My Senses from Berlin, 2nd June 2011. The best concert I´ve ever experienced. Hope this guys are still somewhere, hidden behind those black capes and that they will show this passion and energy and love again, soon.