neděle 29. července 2012

Sweet memories

Nothing lasts forever....I know. At least Mando Diao could, but shit happens anyway. 

pondělí 23. července 2012

Five years run by so fast

Today I went throught some of my Mando Diao stuff I had, old tickets from concerts, maps of the cities I´ve been to because of them, confirmations from different accomodations, Peace & Love maps, programmes, that bag in which I bought my Mtv Unplugged vinyl in Borlänge... all those feelings are still hidden inside that folder. It´s like the smell of that certain moment that survives on all those things.
It was awesome. Every single minute of that travelling in chase of one lovely dream. I loved it. And I hope there are still left some more adventures called "Mando Diao madness". Because it all worth it.
However I feel part of it is over now. That naive feeling is gone. Time for a change, I guess. For something new. It was Mando Diao that brought me here, everything what happened last two and half a year was because of them. Yeah, simply as that. But not now.
I´d love to keep this blog alive, because it conserves great part of my life, all that makes sense. Nevertheless I´m affraid I won´t have so much time in upcoming.... life. I will try to do my best. Because Mando Diao is love of my life. Always will be. No matter how Caligola they are now and how much I hate it.
If there are still some readers of my blog I just wanna say THANK YOU! Thanks for reading and writing me awesome messages. Now it´s not only Mando Diao that makes me write posts here, but especially YOU all. Thank you again!

Ok, stop being nostalgic. What´s next? The concert in the Czech Republic, of course! Don´t forget about Meet & Greet. You can WIN one if you don´t have enough points. Go here!

středa 18. července 2012

I don't regret it in spite of it all

During the last 4 weeks, Mando Diao played several shows. In Croatia and in Italy, to say it loud and clear. And there are still 3 shows to come. One in Switzerland, in the Czech Republic (yeees, it´s true) and in Hungary (oh yeeeah). There are also some cool posibilities concerning Meet&Greet. So go to and see what you can do to meet the guys in those three upcoming shows!
And what about the two gigs? Well, hell let´s look at it!

( ...they are still Mando Diao, don´t they? ;-) )

Meanwhile those two concerts took place, I was in Sweden and saw Caligola. My opinion hasn´t changed at all. It was interesting to see, it was (sometimes) great, musicwise. But I stick to Mando Diao.  
Peace&Love festival felt different without MD. Comparing to the last year, this one was really about The New World. Everything´s changed. There was no Mando Diao, not so much coincidences, but there was lot of hope, love, craziness and wonderful sunsets over Borlänge sky. And there was one Sugarplum Fairy concert sailing far away from doubts that will never vanish. 
It felt like a lifetime there...