neděle 19. srpna 2012

Never give up

If you like Sugarplum Fairy and you know something about Kristian Gidlund, the drummer of this band, who got sick recently, would be wonderful if you contribute to the new blog dedicated to him. You can send whatever you want to this email address:
Just to show the support and love.

The more posts we´ll have, the better. Only if it was just one sentence, it counts. 

Thank you f-word lot...


čtvrtek 16. srpna 2012

But then I froze

And some more love from Sziget...

Best record but not the best

Here goes interview with MD from Sziget...

With no other

Wonderful photos from Sziget! Click here!

A pro fotky z českého Open Airu stačí navštívit naší facebook stránku ZDE. Obzvlášť povedené fotky najdete pod tímto linkem.

Surreal dream will take you one mile

On the 12nd of August, on the very next day, we were heading to Budapest. After passing few hours in Prague, waiting. We haven´t slept at all, but I wouldn´t have slept anyway. There were so many thoughts in my head the whole time and also during the five hours journey to Hungary.
Sziget time has become. The show was again absolutely brilliant. Here goes You can´t steal my love video, just to give you the impression or something like that:-)

And some photos made by my friend (and me). The audience was little bit calmer than the day before, but hell yeah, it was worth it.

středa 15. srpna 2012

Jag älskar dig

Some time ago I wrote to this blog one post about Mando Diao in the Czech Republic. I was so angry and I had no expectations regarding the upcoming show on the Open Air Panenský Týnec. Well, now I´m taking all that back. I made a mistake. But let´s take it from the very beginning, right? 
Mando Diao played three shows recently. In Switzerland, Czech Republic and in Hungary. I won´t talk about the first one. But I´ll tell you something about those two shows I´ve mentioned.
The second time in the Czech Republic. Mando Diao on the Open Air Panenský Týnec. And our Unit had to be there. The whole festival surprised me a lot. It had nice atmosphere, it was just a small event, but with lots of interesting bands. Especially with Mando Diao:) 
Before the show our Unit got the opportunity to meet the guys backstage. The meeting was... well...unforgetable. Carlos took us through VIP tents to the dark parking lot where we shared some moments with Gustaf, Björn, Mats, CJ, Patso and Daniel. We took photos, got some signs and memories that nobody takes away from us. Let´s watch some pictures... 

Guys signed our czech flag we used to take to some shows. We literally got them on their knees. Even without high heels.

Gustaf and his women. We enjoyed it a lot, so to speak.

Next one, please!

We gave them some czech CDs and a movie as a present...

...and they seemed interested, especially in one particular CD...

If you wanna see more photos from our Meet&Greet, visit our homepage on facebook! To be honest still can´t believe it. Nice photos, but was I really there?? :-)

Then the show began. And I just wanna say THANK YOU czech audience, you were wonderful! The whole crowd went crazy, singing all the songs. Gustaf sang part of You can´t steal my love in Swedish for us, then he cut the "ass kissing" for tonight. It was Stunning. Can´t say more. It was rare and it was unique. We all enjoyed it a lot. And I was proud that they liked it here and that this country liked them too.

To be continued...