pondělí 29. října 2012

Gustaf Fröding versus Mando Diao

Yesterday I was cycling under the yellow moon to the cinema in Lund to watch the Mando Diao documentary Gustaf Fröding versus Mando Diao and of course also the concert. It was wonderful. And it was even more wonderful to experience it in Sweden, hearing someone in the audience singing the lyrics of this extraordinary swedish poet. 
Now we can only hope the documentary will be showed on the internet one day. 

Read some impressions under this link (in Swedish).

neděle 28. října 2012

Kärlek och respekt...


Five stars

Howling wolves

There are about thousands interviews with Mando right now, every day appears another one. So I decided to choose just a few...

Mando was in Aftonbladet recently. You can read the articles here and here. You can listen to them talking about Fröding here and also read plus watch interview with Gustaf under this link.

You choose one

Let´s start this day little bit casual... with this photo. 


pátek 26. října 2012


Today on a train to Malmö I found something absolutely wonderful in the newspapers... and then, right in the shop Folk å Rock... Mando Diao will play live and also sign their new album Infruset, next Thursday in Malmö... oh yes. Seems like a dream!!! (then I bought the very same album in the very same shop, even though I thought that this album would be released next week...? ) ♥
What else to say...? Sweden.(PS: Be there!!!)

pondělí 22. října 2012

Smile when words are said

Some time ago there was a song called Sweet Jackie by Sugarplum Fairy. Now it´s time for another brother. Mando Diao and Strövtåg i Hembygden the first place on Swedish iTunes.

Människorna som har för mycket känslor i kroppen

If you wish to practise your Swedish or try how Google translator works, read really interesting interview here.

And for those of you who have missed the Tv show Babel yesterday (like me), watch it online here. Mando appears at about 20 minutes, but don´t miss the whole show, it´s worth it! Especially Björn´s choise of book.... (♥ I´ve just started to re-read this book again few weeks ago...)

Anyway, this week is very special. On Sunday there´s that awaited event called Mando på Bio. So if you live in Sweden, Germany or Switzerland you can buy your tickets and see the documentary plus live concert (all Infruset songs included!).

pondělí 15. října 2012

And now a million years has gone

Last year, we had one poll on mandodiao.com. I don´t remember if it asked about the best concert of that year or the best day or maybe just if you could experience something from that year again, what it would be. I can´t tell you precisely, to be honest. But in the very moment when I read that question, I knew the answer. The absolutely best moment of that year was those few days in Stockholm, that Sugarplum Fairy concert in Debaser. I think I didn´t write it there, it felt weird to write about Sugarplum Fairy on Mando Diao homepage, I think I answer something about Peace&Love experience or that unbelievable concert of Mando in Berlin, 2.June. And of course, that was something. 
However the truth is, those few days in Sotckholm on my 25th birthday were something that comes to you only once in a lifetime. That was Magic. It´s been more than a year now and I experienced other moments I would hold in my heart as long as I live, but this Stockholm in May still feels somehow special. Unreal. Weird. 
I went to that restaurant again. To that one where we sat with my friends just few hours before Sugarplum Fairy concert begin. Few weeks ago. I sat there, in autumn Stockholm and I realized it felt like milion years have passed, not just one year. And it was gone. All that magic. It felt like a lie. I wish I could believe in it again. I wish there were miracles out there. And sense. I wish.
The reason why I remember this is this song I found on youtube. And it´s somehow actual now. Buy it on Itunes. It´s called Sweet Jackie. It´s by Sugarplum Fairy. 

I vem?

Probably the most beautiful song right now.


neděle 14. října 2012

Smile you´re on Tv again

Another chance to watch Mando Diao on television. Today, 20.00, SVT 1. OR later, watch the timetable. OR probably via internet under this link. Enjoy!

sobota 13. října 2012


Mando Diao

Some cool new photos HERE!

Jag tror jag är kär

Watch yesterday´s performance here! And also listen to the song and also watch some nice pictures.

The new song is called I Ungdomen. And you can read the lyrics in Swedish here.It´s really wonderful song with wonderful lyrics.

Det glittrar så gnistrande vackert i ån,
det kvittrar så lustigt i furen.
Här ligger jag lat som en bortskämd son
i knät på min moder naturen.
Det sjunger och doftar och lyser och ler
från jorden och himlen och allt jag ser.

Det är, som om vinden ett budskap mig bär
om lyckliga dagar, som randas,
mitt blod är i oro, jag tror jag är kär
- i vem? - ack i allt, som andas.
Jag ville, at himlens och jordens allt
låg tätt vid mitt hjärta i flickgestalt.

pátek 12. října 2012


Right now on STV1 Mando Diao. Not really right now, but pretty soon. On the show called Tillsammans för Världens Barn.

 Photo from rehearsal...

neděle 7. října 2012


Little bit late, but still. One year ago, October tour and the very first concert from this event - Munich on 4th October. The Swedish song played for the first time. And don´t forget the new album will be released SOON! 31. October, to be exact.

úterý 2. října 2012

En ung mor

New page that worth visiting! Info about Mando Diao plus Caligola. Concerts, tour dates, albums, all you can possibly imagine. So go there. Now.

Here´s the link!

What else? You can listen to the new song here and also listen to Swedish interview with Gustaf & Björn. 

In case you also need to SEE it, watch the live version here...