středa 21. listopadu 2012

Song for Mando Diao

This song always reminds me how much this band means to me. And how much of what I´m now I owe to them. So here it goes...

středa 14. listopadu 2012

pondělí 12. listopadu 2012

There were sweet memories in the corner of my mind

Today I found this (between my old stuff called "Mando Diao stuff" :) ). I wrote it after the concert in Zitadelle, Berlin. I remember it well. That was a nice feeling :)

neděle 11. listopadu 2012

Ge aldrig upp

This is what Gustaf Norén shared today on his twitter account. Letters saying that Mando Diao demo was quite OK, but this record company has no intention to release them. Good luck, they say. And you see where Mando Diao is now, aren´t you? So... never give up. 

När han ännu var lycklig och ung

Mando in Göteborg, 31. October 2012...

pátek 9. listopadu 2012

That place was everything to me

My friend shared this video on facebook yesterday and I realized that I hadn´t watched it for ages. This Mando Diao is so different from the Mando Diao nowdays... anyway, enjoy their Ochrasy back in time.  

Maybe we can go back and do it over again

Malmö, Folk å Rock, last week....


NEW show announced! Mando Diao in NORWAY next year. Read more here...

N. 1

INFRUSET has become huge success! Mando Diao finally made it in Sweden. Read here

And one special person from Borlänge record shop Folk å Rock as a proof that Infruset is being sell good. 

sobota 3. listopadu 2012


Few days ago Mando Diao played three songs in Malmö record shop called Folk å Rock. The new one was En ung mor. Video to come, photos here.

Children´s magic

Listen to Gustaf Norén and Björn Dixgård talking about Fröding.

Read another interview and watch Sångarsaga played by Gustaf, sung by Björn in red suit. HERE!
And at least watch this (only if you want, of course:-) ). 

čtvrtek 1. listopadu 2012

I Göteborg

Strövtåg i Göteborg

Yesterday was a long day in Göteborg. In Bengans Mando Diao played three songs live: Snigelns Visa, Strövtåg i Hembygden and En Sångarsaga. Then Gustaf, Björn, Mats and CJ were signing some fan stuff. It was a long, awesome day full of Swedish music, full of Infruset.

To be continued...